Brew It! - Screw It!


Getting you through the day one sip at a time

Your forecast for the day: too much to do, with a 100% chance of not having enough time. If you know the day ahead is gonna be a doozy, front-load it with some coffee in our “Brew It” mug. By the time you get home and your to-do list looks the same, it’s time to say “Screw It” and have an overflowing pour from the nearest bottle of wine. This gift set comes with both, so you can tackle whatever the next 24 hours brings you. 

  • ceramic mug and stemless wine glass combo gift set
  • a great gift for workaholics, holidays, and wine parties
  • made of high quality ceramic (Brew It!) and glass (Screw It!)
  • don’t forget the mug warmer!
  • easy to clean

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